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Organisation ICGT

The promotor of the ICGT is Stichting Voetbal Promotie Uitgeest. The board of the promotor is responsible for organising the tournament. SVPU’s chairman is Gerrit Idema and he is supported by Vincent van den Berg (Secretary and football affairs) and Jeffrey Schotvanger (Finance).


As an event, the ICGT is split in several tournaments. The Friday contains a tournament for companies and the so called ‘club evening’, with squads of FC Uitgeest and ADO ’20 play matches. The organisation committee of those tournaments is headed by Stephan van der Eng.

The committee of the ICGT is headed by Michael Koster, Rofl Jager, Henk Kempers and Iwan de Leeuw. Vincent van den Berg is in charge of the Arie Bonkenburg Tournament (ABT).

Promotor Stichting Voetbal Promotie Uitgeest contains severel committees. Besides the multiple tournament committees, there is a festival committee (Martin van Klinken, Ernst Oud, Kees de Groot, Stefan Half and Hans Cupido), sponsoring (Marloes Jongejans), Security (Bart van Dessel) and PR (Rene Vermeer, Bouke van den Berg and Rolf Jager).

All committees meet multiple times a year and there are four big meetings with all the committees together.

With the help of hundreds of volunteers, the ICGT is the ‘Football festival’ of the year in its region.

The ICGT consists of various parts which all have their own committee.

Gerrit Idema, Vincent van den Berg &
Jeffrey Schotvanger
Bedrijventoernooi Stephan van der Eng & Johan Glorie
Clubavond Bart Zwarthoed
Arie Bonkenburg Toernooi Finn Idema & Bart Zwarthoed
Veteranen Toernooi Stephan van der Eng
ICGT Rolf Jager, Mats Idema, Michael Koster & Iwan de Leeuw
Wim Groen Toernooi Johan Glorie
Horeca Frans Jacobs, Martin van Klinken, Cees Groot, Jeroen Schoorl & Frank
Algemene Zaken Edwin de Leeuw, Sjaak Brasser, Jens Idema, Bram de Goede & Mike
Veiligheid Bart van Dessel, Maikel Schilp & Sandy Winter
PR & Sponsering Bouke van den Berg, Stephan van der Eng, Jens Idema & Marloes


In this way and with the help of hundreds of volunteers, the ICGT is a fantastic ” football party ” for the entire region every year.

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